Few safety rules to follow while working with wood routers

Whether you are an average or a beginner or an expert woodworker, one tool without which your woodworking experience will not be complete, is a wood router. To make the work piece more spectacular, every woodworker needs this versatile tool. Beforehand, the tool was available as a hand powered tool, but as time flows, it reappears with more power and potential. Now, it’s no longer a hand powered tool, instead it’s a complete electronic tool with immense capacity.

It may not be compulsory for the woodworkers having a wood router in their workshop or collection. But, the series of benefits that a wood router offers is really difficult for them to resist. Creating complicated decorative designs, molding, door panel, grooves or different shape edges get really easier when a router is in your hand. Undoubtedly, this tool can work like magic in the realm of woodworking projects.

Using a Router

Certainly, a wood router is a tool of grave potential which is destined to perform various functions with ease and comfort. Though it has immense potential but it is equally difficult to handle. A router usually consists of a motor, a flat base and very importantly a cutter with sharp blades. Improper handling of this tool may be dangerous. Following a few safety rules is a must while you are dealing with this super-fast monster.

  • Safety first: It really does not matter how busy you are or how many years of experience you have in handling the wood router. It’s the safety first that actually counts. While working with a router, it’s our hands that remain closely in contact with the tool and even at risk. A little careless attitude can be fatal, especially for our hands. Therefore, while engaging with the router, full concentration should be on the tool for avoiding accidents.
  • Wear safety guards:  Not only the hands are at risk, while working with the router. Equal protection should be given to the ears and eyes too. Wood routers generally produce high-resonance sound that even persists even after the router is off. So, don’t forget to wear the ear plugs. For giving protection from the dust particles wearing the goggles is necessary to save the eyes too. If your router does not contain dust collector, wearing mask is also advisable.
  • Appropriate clothing: While working in the workshop with the router, always avoid wearing loose- fitting garments, such as ties, full sleeve clothes, etc. that can be entangled with the cutter of the router and create a mess. Always go with the clothes that fit the situation and can save the body from any wayward pieces of the wood that can come out while the cutter cutting the woods. Extra care should be taken in wearing hanging jewellery on the neck and bangles as they can be easily drawn by the cutter.
  • Feed direction: Checking the feed direction of the router while working is not only necessary, but compulsory. Feed direction of the router should always be opposite to the direction of the cutter. If the cutter rotates clockwise, the feeding direction should be the opposite.
  • Check the router: Check the router thoroughly each time you are approaching to start the machine. Check the settings repeatedly without any hurry for avoiding any accidents.

Wood Routers Are Versatile

  • Check the route bits: Check the router bits before using. Only if the bits are in right condition then it should be approved for further use. Please ensure that the bits are held firmly in the collet. If the holding is not firm enough, it may end up leaving the collet with great force along with causing accidents. On the other hand, if it’s too tight, smooth cutting will not be possible.
  • Environment is important: The best wood router is the one that solely dedicated to accomplishing your job. But, proper maintenance is needed to make your working experience stress free and safe. Don’t operate the electronic routers in wet and dump environment for avoiding accidents.
  • Clean the working area: Your working area should always keep clean for avoiding accidents. Hazard free working space is more secure than the one with various obstacles. Don’t keep anything in the way of the router. It actually reduces the chances of accidents.
  • Avoid intoxicated items: Though it’s not harm for the professionals to crack open a can of beer while working, but it will be highly advisable not to. A power tool like wood routers need to handle carefully. Continuous supervision is needed to make it work securely Having drugs or alcohols will increase the chances of accidents, as we are unable to pay full attention while having these items.

Certainly, wood router is a true friend of a woodworker, but it demands careful supervision. Unless, this useful can turn into a nightmare. One thing should always consider that its you above anything else that matters. Your safety is the prime requirement. Keep your visitors away from the routers. Always store the router in a safe place that is beyond the children’s reach. Have a safe and pleasant routing experience.

Television, An Endangered Species?

Samsung Smart TV

This is a question to all of us. Is television really are going to be endangered real soon? I know the market are still selling a lot of television, different brands, different feature, and different range of prices. I know that maybe all of you have television in your home. But, let me ask you, do you really watch it for more than 5 hours a day? I doubt that, except for the old generation and little kids. Even kids these days might not watch television as often as I watched it when I was younger 10-15 years ago.

This is the era of internet. Television itself, have grown in so many factors to make people still interested in them. But the price is decreasing each year, even though the features are getting much more hi-tech. There is a feature in TV nowadays that makes TV also get along in this internet era, it’s called smart TV or hybrid TV that could connect to internet so it gives you the ability to surfing the internet on your TV. The size itself also getting bigger and bigger to make people more comfortable watching it. The picture’s quality also getting so much better, before the 3D TV was so popular and now the 4K TV are the diva right now. Most of the 3D and 4K TV are expensive and not anyone wanted that feature so only a few who would really bought it.

TV still got their audiences and there are still people who buy TV but the thing is, it’s just decreasing every year. In my country, Indonesia, those who still watch TV are from the lower class of society, because of economic conditions, and other digital’s entertainment are mostly expensive, so TV is their only entertainment. This also applies to those who lives in the inland.

Another audiences of TV is the old generation, for some of them internet is quite hard to learn how to use it, so TV is probably the easiest entertainment for them, just click the remote control and you could change the channel. My grandfather and grandmother still watch TV whenever they are home. Also children, they watch cartoon a lot. But nowadays, they even more into smartphone than TV.

No time

For those who is a teenager to middle aged people, maybe they have no time to watch TV. Teenagers these days are so keen to the internet. I bet they only watch TV for several occasions, such as, an award show (Grammy, Teen Choice Awards, a football match, and sometimes movies). Those who works, mostly wasted their time in the office and road since traffic jams is getting crazier each days, well unless you walk though.

Move to laptop, internet

No doubt that people worship the internet now. They depend their life a lot on internet, to get a job, as their income, to do their work, or just having fun. There is also one thing that people change into the internet, that is the way people watch TV.

Samsung Smart TV Hack

As TV now become less useful and people rarely use it, laptop is everywhere. People could use laptop for work, while you can’t use your TV for work, people also watch their TV from laptop. With the help of internet, those TV’s content, every show, now available online. You could do for what it is called streaming and you won’t miss a single episode. You can watch it whenever you want and wherever you could, if you watch it from the television, then you have to wait for its airing time. If you miss it, then the TV won’t wait for you. Basically, you could watch any show you want in the internet. Watching your favorite show in the internet gives you more flexibility because you are the one who choose when and where to watch it, the opposite of TV. Laptop also become more useful than TV so people choose to use laptop more than TV.

The media industry

The question is if people move over from TV to laptop and internet, then how could the media industry, the television industry are still going strong? Well, as I said before, not like there is no one in this world who watch TV, they still have their audience but it is getting smaller each year. So they still get an income from ads but not as much as it used to be and probably the ads will accustom themselves to the TV’s audience now. Most of them also move to the internet world. Now you could live streaming a TV station through your gadget, smartphone or laptop. Live streaming makes you could watch TV on the same time as the airing time, but not through a TV.

The content

Media nowadays make their content through what their audiences wanted. If a certain type of a reality show got high ratings then they and probably other TV station would make something similar so they would still have their audience. Not gonna lie, the TV content nowadays is not really worth watching either. That’s also the reason I stop watching TV now.

Sony 4K TV

Then you might ask, then if I want to move to a new home or apartment, I could not buy a TV since we barely use it? Or I could just sell my TV now as some people said that the after sales price of a TV is still pretty high. Well, actually TV also has their advantages. It is clearly the big screen. At least they are bigger than a usual laptop screen.

Sometimes I find that watching on my laptop is quite tiring because of the small screen so I need to watch it on TV. You could connect your laptop too to your TV. But to buy or not to buy it depends on whether you would really use it or not. If you still at least need it then I think it is better to buy it. But the answer is yours.

Eight Wood Working Tools You can’t Do Away with

As a professional carpenter with more than fifteen years of experience, I have got some ideas about what tools you need to have to make a perfect piece of woodwork. If you are keen on what makes a perfect piece of wooden furniture, I strongly recommend you to go through the article.

There are many tools that a woodworker needs. What tools you need much depends upon what furniture items you are making. Though you need to have all the tools in your kit, sometimes, you need to have specific tools to make a particular piece of furniture.

Wood Routers

For example, you are asked to make a table with elegant look with fine quality wood and then you can make the table with the tools in your kit. But if you are asked to create a table into a fine artistic piece with intricate designs, then you must have the wood routers with different bits.

Using a Router on Patterns

Wood routers come in two categories. There are fixed base wood routers which allow you to hallow the wood exactly where you want, and precisely to the depth you require. There are plunge routers which ensure creating fine artistic designs and beautiful curves to the edges.

Router Bits

When you are buying routers it is important to consider how you can put it to the best use. You can increase the versatility of the router by adding the routing bits in your tool kit. Router bits can help you in cutting different shapes in the wooden pieces. They are very useful in carving the beautiful designs and edges. As you know it well, it is the edges and the finish that add beauty to the finished product.

Right Saws

Among the woodworker’s most important tools, saws are the most essential.  There are different saws that serve different purposes.  For example, circular saws which make your task of sawing very easy. You can choose between circular saws that have cords and the other types cordless.  You also need reciprocating saws, portable band saws, jig saws and table saws.

Quality Sanders

Next to saws you also need sanders to smoothen the surface of the wood pieces that you have cut. Sanding the wood is one of the crucial tasks of a woodworker.  Power sanders are the best ones as they make your job easy, quick and smooth.  There are belt sanders, sheet sanders, spindle sanders and sanding discs that help you sand better and faster.

Perfect Planers

To make the surface smooth and soft you need to have excellent planers. It is the good finish that plays a key role in woodworking. Unless the finish of the product is not good, it will not appeal to the people. You need planers to make the wooden surface smooth and nice.  There are planers of different types that suit a variety of purposes. A bench top planer is the most useful and convenient one. Stationary planers, hand planers and planers without cords serve your purpose well.

Hitachi Wood Planer

High Performing Drill Presses

To make drilling into the wood you need an excellent drill presser. It is one of the most useful tools in a woodworker’s tool kit. Without this basic tool, I should say, your tool kit is incomplete.

It is a difficult exercise to make holes in the hard materials. Drill presses are used to make holes and join the different wooden pieces together with screws and bolts.

A power drill press certainly much to offer to reduce the work of the wood worker. You need not exert much pressure to make holes in the hard wood. The power drill press can easily accomplish the task within minutes.

When you want to drill a particular piece of wood, you can bring that on to the drill press table and do the work conveniently. You can adjust the clamps and fix the object you want to drill without moving.

For honing, sanding and polishing also you can get the benefit by using the drill presser properly. Of course, you will get a variety of drill pressers in the wood working tools shop where you can gather the tools you need. They are: bench top drill press, stationary drill press, floor drill press and magnetic drill press.

Avoid dust problem with Dust Collectors

While you are doing the wood work, it will produce a lot of wood dust. It is important to plan how you can collect the wood dust. Dust collectors do a great work in keeping your workplace clean and without much dust.

Different dust collectors are: Air filters and systems, vacuums, and dust collection kits.

Essential Accessories

Usually, we neglect to take the accessories as they are additional parts. But we need them most when we are doing our work in a more convenient way. You need to have clamps of different sizes, drill bits, screw drivers of different sizes, etc.

Do and Don’t in Woodworking To Sell Them

If you have woodworking as your hobby or those who love to do some DIY with woods, you probably made your woodworking projects just for yourself or you give them to someone as a gift. Then somewhat your family and friends started praising your works, so you thought should I sell any of my works.

Also for those that who wants to jump in the woodworking world just to be their another job to earn money. Well, everyone could sell their woodworking’s projects as long as you really want to do it. If you want people to buy your projects, you must have the things that make you stand out of other woodworkers and other projects that are in the market.

wood worker

There are also a lot of things that you could make to sell them. You could make small things like home decoration, such as frames, which is the easiest, or a simple jewelry box. You could also big things like furniture, such as bookcase, shelves, door, table, chair, or even a birdhouse. Another idea, you could make wedding’s gift or merchandise for the guests, might be pretty hard but pretty visionary. Here I will give you some tips so you could start selling them.


Do. One of the most versatile parts, of course, is the design. Because you make it yourself, you will have the flexibility in the design. People see something first because of the appearance so design is such an important part that would make people wants to buy your projects. You could design it as you want so it will be unique that you can’t buy anywhere else. You have to think out of the box and search for inspiration so your projects would be different from others. What might help you is a software that you could use in your computer so it’s easier to design. People usually use SketchUp.

Don’t. Do not copy other’s work because you just lost the originality in your works that might people don’t want to buy yours because they could buy anywhere else that they trust more.


Do. You have to buy the best material to make your projects, or at least the best you could afford. People want something that could stay quite a long time. If it’s easy to broke down than people might not buy your works again. Using the best tool could also make the best quality woods. I would recommend to use Bosch 1617EVSPK which is affordable but still a beast tool for your cutting works. Might need to have a few tools and machine to make your works really professional and looks good but you could also build the machine yourself, pay attention that you have to really understand about it before you build it or it would ended up as a mess.

Don’t. Quality is a factor that people search. Don’t use bad materials just to cut down the expense, if a customer’s trust have been broken down because of the bad quality it’s really hard to sell your work’s.


Do. Might be pretty hard to market your own works. That’s why you should start selling to your families or your friends and hope that they also tell their friends about your works. In this part, connection is also important the more you know people it becomes easier to market your works. Because now is the internet area, you should really try using it to tell the world about what you are doing.

Don’t. Force someone to buy or tell their friends about your works might not be a good idea. People might lose their respect for you because you force them to do something. A persuasive way might be more likely.

The Bosch 1617EVSPK router


Do. You have to set your price on the logical and affordable price at first. What I mean with logical price is, it has to suit your material that you are using, the complexity of your works, and the cutting quality, make your works worth the price. Slowly, if more people knew about your works then you could increase the price.

Don’t. Setting your starting price so high might not be a good idea. People haven’t known about your works, you haven’t gained their trust. A customer might not willing to pay for an expensive thing from a new people on that world.

All of these are not an easy work and takes time until your works get noticed by people. Four of those are the essential thing that you have to pay attention to start building your woodworking company. Once your works started to get noticed, always keep the design unique, the quality high, do not force people to buy yours, and always keep the price reasonable. If you always do these, than your customer would always love to buy again from you.

Wooden Display Shelves for Home Decoration

Home decoration is one of most important aspects of leading a beautiful and happy life. Undoubtedly, it is one of my favorite topics that I would like to write on. If you are looking for some valid opinions about wooden decorative items, then you must go through this write up.

How do you want to decorate your home? What are the best materials for home decoration? I won’t suggest plastic items, nor do I suggest items made up of any metal. Perhaps, you know the reasons well why I am not suggesting either metal or plastic items.

wooden items

Why wooden items?

The best material for home decoration is wood. It has many advantages in addition to the refined and elegant look it offers to your living room or bed room.

The wooden items are sound proof. When your room has some wooden items, they will absorb the sound in the room and there won’t be any acoustic problems to the room.

Well, what is acoustics? It is about the sound and sense of hearing. Do you feel that you hear the echo of your words in the room? You can prevent the echo by having some wooden items in the room. This is especially important where much of your important conversation takes place in the living room.

The wooden items are heat proof as well. The other benefit you will have by using wooden items in your living room or bed room is the reduction of heat. Wood absorbs heat well. If you are living in a place where it is usually hot, it is advisable to go for the wooden furniture items and decoration.

What wooden decorative items can I take to improve the appearance of my living room?

Wooden Display Shelves

Wooden Display Shelves

Well, I would love to go for wooden display shelves that can either be freestanding or can be mounted on the walls.  You can choose either the wall mounted one or a freestanding one.  It is a matter of choice and convenience. Let us see the benefits of going for each.

Wall mounted Wooden display shelves are preferable in many ways. The advantage with the wooden shelves that can be mounted on the walls is obvious. They don’t occupy much of the living space in the room. Moreover, you need not worry about how to decorate walls.

Once you mount the wooden display shelf on the wall, you don’t need to paint that part of the wall. When you go for a wall mounted wooden display shelf, I would suggest that you should go for a big one that can cover the entire wall on one side of the room.

Freestanding Wooden Shelves

Much depends on your requirement in addition to beautification of the living room. When you have got many things to keep on display and store, you can opt for a freestanding wooden shelf which can accommodate many things. The upper shelves can be used for display and lower shelves can be used for storing things that you don’t like to display for others.

Are glass doors necessary for the wooden shelves?

It all depends on your particular requirement. If you feel that you need to dust the things quite often, then you need to keep the glass doors to the shelf.  Moreover, if you want to have some protection for the items you keep on the shelf, you can have glass sliders with locks attached to them.

You can have many things on display on the wooden shelves when you are sure of their safety. Glass doors with locking facility will enable you to display even the costliest items.

Cabinet with a rustic-style finish

Wooden Shadow Box

Among the wooden shelves, I would suggest you to go for the cabinet with a rustic style finish. You have a choice of taking either 9 box cabinet or 12 box cabinet depending upon the available space and requirement. They are also called vintage shadow boxes.

The cubby-style shelves are perfect to display many valuable items. You can keep from medium size items to small items in the cubes.

In addition to the cubical boxes, you will have two closed drawers at the bottom of the shelf to store the items which you don’t like to display. They are provided with metal handles for opening the drawers easily.

Wooden Freestanding 12 Compartment Shadow Box

The freestanding wooden shelving unit is ideal for displaying the beautiful items in your living room. It is the best choice for organizing your space and for keeping the treasures. There can be no better choice for you than opting for this when you want to go freestanding wooden compartment.

As it comes with 12 square shelves, it provides lots of scope for keeping the display items with a perfect plan.

If you feel it is occupying much of the living space of your living room, you can mount it on the wall to have more space.


Best ways to clean your kitchen

spring cleaning kitchen

The heart of every home is kitchen. So it requires extra effort to keep it clean. It is also the most used area in every house. All the time, family members are visiting kitchen for one purpose or another. From opening the fridge to take out water bottle to the spilling milk on the floor, or frying food to breaking crockery, if kitchen’s light is turned on early in the morning, it is turned off only late at night. In such circumstances, taking care of the kitchen’s cleaning is not an easy job.

In supermarkets, cleaning products are available in wide range for kitchen floor to dishwashing sink. But why waste so much money on these expensive cleaning products when you have easy solutions available within your home?

Surprised? You ought not to be! You can easily clean difficult stains with easy solutions which are listed below.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink

It is next to impossible to remove tough stains from your kitchen sink’s surface. But we have an easy solution to get rid of them. Put some toothpaste on stain and then rub it using a wet foam. Wipe off the paste with a clean soft cloth and the stain will be gone!

Another good tip for cleaning your sink’s stains is to use salt and lemon. Sprinkle salt in excess on the stains. Cut a big lemon into two and use it to rub the salt on the stains. Rub until the stains are gone. Then wash your sink and it will shine like a new sink.

traditional kitchen sinks

If you do not use sink for dishwashing and have a dishwasher instead, then we have a cleaning tip for it too. Simply Add 1 cup of white vinegar to your empty dishwasher. Then start a ‘normal’ wash. This will eliminate smells and lemon scales from the stainless steel interior.

Utilize your used toothbrush

Your toothbrush cleans your teeth and gums thoroughly. Why not utilize this feature of toothbrush in cleaning your kitchen? So grab used toothbrushes in your home and use them to clean those parts of the kitchen and utensils which cannot be reached easily. Be it the corners of metal containers or the joints of floor tiles, a toothbrush can come in handy!

Cleaning Fridge

When fridge doors are not properly shut closed, dirt settles on the rubber and forms a thin layer on top of it. A toothbrush can also be used to clean that dirt’s layer. So use clean and dry toothbrushes to remove all the dirt that has accumulated inside your fridge and make your fridge look hygienic again.

Keeping utensils clean and new

A good cotton cloth can be used to clean utensils in your kitchen easily and properly, be it juicer or grinder, or metal containers or expensive cutlery, a cotton cloth can be really useful in bringing back the shine of your utensils, crockery and electronic appliances. But make sure that your appliances are not plugged in while you are cleaning them. After cleaning with a damp cloth, use a dry cotton cloth to remove any remaining water droplets. Not only your utensils will look clean, their novelty will remain intact too.

Cleaning cooking pans

cooking pans

It is extremely difficult to cut the grease from cooking pans that are used almost daily. Cleaning oil from them is a nuisance for almost every woman. There are many products that claim to make pans oil-free but fail to deliver results to the consumer. But here we are going to tell you about an easy tip that will make it easy for you to remove oil and grease from almost anything in your kitchen.

Put ¼ cup vinegar in water and use the mixture for cleaning oil from cooking pans. Put all the oily pans in that water and leave them in for 10 minutes. Then take them out and clean them. Your pans will be as grease-free as they were when you had bought them off the supermarket!

Kettle cannot be cleaned very easily. But if you boil water and white vinegar in them, this will clean all the scales from inside and your kettle will look almost new from inside.

Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets and its doors attract oil easily and they are most likely to go unnoticed. Nobody pays attention to the grease that accumulates on the surfaces of cabinets. So here is a proven top keep your cabinets oil-free.

Put liquid soap in warm water. Stir the mixture well. Use hand gloves to avoid scalding your hands. Use a foam or cloth to rub clean the oil that has gathered up on the surface. And the best part of this cleaning mixture is that it works with wooden cabinets too.

Driving insects off your kitchen

It is not uncommon to find cockroaches and insects in your kitchen. Apart from freaking you out, they lay eggs and make your kitchen look unhygienic. So the best way to drive off insects from your kitchen is to put boric powder in all corners of your cabinets and insect-infested areas. Soon, you will find that insects have left your kitchen and your kitchen’s hygiene is restored.

Removing smell from cutting board

Cutting board is used every now and then to chop vegetables. And there are many vegetables and meat that leave their smell behind on the cutting board, for example fish, garlic and onion. So to get rid of smell from cutting board, cut a lemon in two and rub the surface with it. Repeat it until the smell is gone completely.

Removing burnt smell from Cooking Pans

Cooking pans can easily get burnt while cooking. So to remove the burnt smell, boil rhubarb leaves in the burnt pans for 3-5 minutes. Drain the water and wipe away any residue. Your pans will become odorless.

We hope that the above tips for keeping your kitchen sparkling clean will make your cleaning life much easier! So try these tips out and share them with your friends! Do not forget to leave your feedback below!

Ten principles for a pleasant Kitchen

Kitchen is a place where the most important activity of any house takes place – cooking food for family. If kitchen is unhygienic, your food will be unhygienic too. If attention is paid to organizing and decorating your kitchen, it will be an icing on the cake. Additionally, you will be praised by your family members as well as friends.

1. Keep everything in place

The very first thing which needs to be done to make your kitchen look pleasant is to keep everything in place. Do not scatter utensils and other items around your kitchen. An easy way to achieve this is to put boxes and containers back in their places meanwhile cooking. Keep your kitchen counter clean every time and do not let things pile up on your shelves. Allocate a separate cabinet for unused items. Put frequently used items (such as spices, etc.) in an accessible place so that you do not have to put extra effort every time in retrieving things.

 L Shape Pleasant Kitchen

2. Kitchen Cabinets

Keep your kitchen cabinets spick and span. Do not store unused stuff in your cabinets. Cabinets are the main attraction in any kitchen so maintaining them can add to the overall beauty of your kitchen. If you have an interest in painting, you can paint beautiful designs and patterns on your cabinets. Or you can get fruits or vegetable stickers from any supermarket for pasting on your cabinet doors.

3. Proper lighting

It is imperative to have proper lighting in your kitchen. It is not sufficient to just put a light in the center of the roof. There should be lights on all four roofs. It is best to get small lights installed under your cabinets so that you can use them when chopping vegetables or cutting meat to avoid getting your hands injured.

4. Make proper seating arrangement

Although most of the kitchen work requires standing, there can be many instances where getting yourself seated could be beneficial for your health. If your kitchen is spacious, put a small table with few chairs in one corner of the kitchen. You can do most of the kitchen work while sitting. You can drink coffee or read cookbooks. You can also serve breakfast to your children. If you do not have a spacious kitchen, you can place a stool next to your counter so that you can do work while sitting. There is no point in discomforting yourself.

5. Kitchen baskets

Keep at least two baskets in your kitchen to store unused stuff in them, say, baking molds or cookie cutters, or any other stuff that you use infrequently but still want to keep in your kitchen. This will help make your kitchen look pleasant.

6. Crockery rack

A rack is very important for keeping your crockery organized. It facilitates in storing plates, trays, etc. if you can arrange your crockery well in the rack, it will make it look good and your frequently used crockery will be easily accessible.

7. Keep your kitchen fresh

Keep your kitchen fresh

You would think that kitchen is a hot place and every time food is cooked, then why keep it fresh. But a fresh look can make your kitchen look good. An easy way to do this is to put small pots on windowsills. You can utilize empty glass bottles of olives or fizzy drinks to grow money plants in them. Your kitchen will look green and create a good ambiance. Orchards and cactus are hardy plants and you could easily try them out in your kitchen.

8. Placing your favorite things

If you are a coffee addict, you can specify a special place for your coffee grinder or brewing machine on your shelf. Or if you bake frequently, you can put your electric oven on a shelf. So look around your kitchen and place your favorite things on your counter.

9. Kitchen Entertainment

If you spend long hours daily in your kitchen, you can put a small TV in one corner of your kitchen so that you can watch your favorite cooking shows. If you like reading a lot, you can have a small bookshelf in your kitchen too. Make sure that you keep yourself involved or entertained in your kitchen.

10. Always choose best and pleasant things for your kitchen

Whenever you buy things that are used frequently in your kitchen, for example spice jars, oil bottles, spoons or kitchen racks, make sure that you buy best quality items. Since you use them and come across them almost every now and then, they to be pleasant and beautiful so that you like them as well as they add to the beauty of your kitchen.

We hope you like these ten invaluable principles and adopt them for keeping your kitchen look the best in your neighborhood.

Home Sweet Home – From managing to improving

Well, summer vacations are almost over and all tourists are flocking back to their homes. But the mere idea of returning home and tidying it up puts all women off. Clearly, no woman wants to get back to mundane routine of managing house every day. We know that managing and improving home do not take much time – instead, the time spent in planning is something which consumes hours and hours. So how about we give you a ready-made blueprint which you could just follow to save your precious time?

Home Sweet Home

We seldom spend hours planning something new but eventually find ourselves having no time to implement it. What if we could just finish incomplete tasks in lieu of embarking on new ones? Well that is the first thing that we want you to do. So grab a piece of paper and a pen, and jot down all the things that you left incomplete before going on vacations. For your convenience, we have carefully prepared a comprehensive list of tasks which are usually left in the midst of the process and never paid attention to later. And do add your own incomplete tasks that you find something missing in the list below. So here you go:

Jumbled stacks of paper

It is quite common to observe that because of our laziness and carelessness, all important and unimportant papers are mixed up together. And when we need them the most, we fail miserably in finding them. So look around your house, put all papers that you find in a basket and bring them to your living house. Get some files from stationary store too. Put labels on top of each file, for instance, Utility Bills, Receipts, Prescriptions, Official Documents, etc. Filter important papers from the pile in the basket and put them in their respective files in an organized fashion. And think twice before discarding apparently unimportant papers. Do not forget to seek your partner’s assistance in deciding which papers go into the bin. So next time, when your husband and children are foraging for documents, surprise them with your files and collect abundant accolades.

Disorganized Wardrobe

Disorganized Wardrobe

Managing and sorting your wardrobe must be your first priority. Take all jewelry, ties, handkerchiefs, socks, mittens, hats, cosmetics, clothes and shoes out and put them on your bed. Allocate different wardrobe’s section a specific item. Socks may go in drawers, Clothes in the left section, shoes in the bottom part, etc. And if youfind things that are too outdated, broken, faded and no longer able to be used, do not hesitate in chucking them away. If you are lucky enough to find old, torn T-shirts, use them as cleaning clothes for your car or dusting. Lastly, the best thing that you can do is donate your decent or unused stuff to charities to find yourself feeling unimaginably satisfied.

Analyze your Storeroom

Well our next destination is storeroom. Do not forget to pay a visit to your storeroom where you dump all your old stuff. Seek your partner’s help in analyzing the stuff in our storeroom. Check your old furniture – showcases, dividers, trunks andwardrobes – for important and reusable stuff. Examine broken and unrepairable furniture, deformed utensils, old toys, torn magazines and old newspaper, tools and different stationary items. If they can be reused or donated, either use them or give them away, otherwise dispose of them. Make any box your tool box to keep all tools in one place. If you have old cardboards and card boxes, use them to put reusable stuff in.


Clean your bedrooms as soon as possible. This place is where you should start cleaning your house from. Do dusting. Sweep floor and look for what is lying under your bed. Take shoes out from under you bed and put them properly in your wardrobe after removing dust off them. If your room requires a new paint or wall paper, do it. Remove spider webs from the corners of your room and roof. And if possible, change the setting of furniture in your room. A new look always pleases you and makes you feel good about your room as well as yourself. If there are rugs, curtains, carpets, and cushion covers in your room, wash them. Clean things are always delightful. If furniture looks old, use furniture polish sprays, which are easily available in supermarkets and cost a dollar or two, to rejuvenate and restore their shine.


Our kitchen cabinets and fridges have many useless stuff stored in them. They are used either once or twice or never again. There is no point in keeping them. Moreover, if there are expired spices and things in your kitchen, throw them away. If your electrical appliances are not working properly, get them repaired. Spend some time organizing your cabinets and putting similar things in one place. Clean the area around your stove to remove oiliness and grease from the surface.

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Rebuild strained relationships

Instead of making new friends and exploring new relationships, spend some time reforming previously strained relationships and friendships. Take out some time out of your busy life to meet old friends and relatives that you have never seen for quite a while. If you cannot go and meet them, invite them over your place. And even this is not likely, make a call and remind them about your love and care for them.

Work on yourself

The most important of all is to work on yourself. In fulfilling your responsibilities for years, you neglect yourself and your personality. So once you are home, work on improving your diet and staying fit and healthy. If you need a new look, try a makeover. A new look always please the partner and helps draw his attention towards you. Spend some quality time with your children, if any, to be a good mother and build a better parent/child relationship. Discover new habits for idle time and do some exercises – there are tons of YouTube channels which posts gazillion videos every week. Put yoga and meditation on top your list to discover spirituality.

Because if there’s life, only then there’s the worldas nothing precedes your health. Hope you have a good home improving time!


Home Decoration – Tell Me What You Want

Your home says a lot about who you are. The things you cherish, collect, and love to display all deserve the best possible setting. Most people with whom I’ve worked have the same goal. They want to have the loveliest and most comfortable home possible, no matter where they live, or what kind of home they inhabit. But before any errors can be fixed, rooms transformed, or new purchases made, I always ask my clients to tell me what their needs and requirements are to help them determine their own priorities.

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The Two Most Important Questions

1) Do You Own or Rent?

This is a simple yet vital question when it comes to establishing your priorities. In my capacity as a consultant, it immediately determines the app roach I will take with a client, and it should help you in setting your own parameters as well.

If you are like most people who rent, you are not interested in investing in, and making substantial changes to, someone else’s property. You are looking for simple and inexpensive ways to make your living space as pleasant and functional as your budget allows. The Use-What-You-Have approach is ideal, because it allows you to maximize what you already own without making major expenditures.

If you own your home, whether it be a co-op. condo, or private house, you may very well want to invest more time and money in it. But, almost everyone has to work within a budget and wants to spend their money wisely. Use-What-You-Have decorating not only shows you how to do more for less, but how to get the best value for your money.
Or, you may be at the point of wanting or needing to sell your property. You are looking for a quick redo that will make a big impression on potential buyers. In just an hour or so, you can transform your home with the Use- What-You-Have principles.

2) Who Lives Here?

If you are a single person embarking on a new career, your needs will differ from those of a couple with a new baby. If your family consists of two adults and three children, your requirements will not be the same as those of a retired couple who have sold their big family home and moved into a much smaller condo.
If you love to entertain, your home needs to accommodate your lifestyle. Rooms may need to do double duty; furniture has to serve multiple purposes. If you travel a lot, either for business or pleasure, you want to come back to a tranquil, restful, and low-maintenance home.

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Your Priority Questionnaire:

Whatever your situation may be, nothing should be done randomly. Starting with this simple questionnaire will help you determine what’s most important to you and how to achieve your goals.
1.  Do you rent or own your home?
2.  How many people inhabit the space?
3.  Do you have children? How old are they? Where do they do their homework?
4.  How long do you expect to live there?
5.  What kind of work do you do?
6.  What kind 01 work does your partner or spouse do?
7.  Do you or anyone else in your household work at home?
8.  Do you have pets? What kind?
9.  Do you entertain often? For how many?
10. How large are the main rooms?
11. What are the exposures?
12. How are the rooms used, i.e., do they have multiple functions?
13. How many people use the rooms?
14. What is the condition of the walls and floors?
15. What do you like about your rooms?
16. What are your favorite pieces?
17. What do you dislike about your rooms?
18. What would you like to get rid of?
19. Is there enough storage space?
20. Where are the television, audio equipment, and computer located?
21. How many places are there in your home where you can curl up and read?
22. Are you comfortable?
As you go forward, keep your answers to these questions in mind. They will help you budget and stay focused on your goals.

Whether you own or rent and how long you plan to live in your present home will affect the amount of time and money you should spend. If you rent and plan to move within the next year, don’t spend any money. Be content with moving your furniture around. If you own, however, every change you make can add to the resale value of your home. Remember, the needs of everyone in your household will also impact on the time and money you should spend on your living space. Your kids need a place to roughhouse; your widowed mother needs a place to rest…
Now that you have a clearer picture of what your needs are, let’s go into your living room and take the first step to creating your new home.

Creating a Comfortable Conversation Area

For many of us, the living room is the most important room in the house because it is highly trafficked and multipurpose.

traditional living room

Your living room should be seductive and comfortable. Rather than a showcase to be admired but never used, it should be accessible and cozy, a place of refuge.

For most people, the living room has always been defined by how it looked, instead of how comfortable and functional it was. How many houses do you remember (your own included) that reserved the living room as a museum for the “company” furniture. Or, worse, was it full of furniture covered with plastic to “protect” it? It’s little wonder that so many people approach the task of doing the Living room with such anxiety.

For others, family patterns are in evidence everywhere. For instance, was your father’s favorite chair set off in a corner by itself (where he escaped into his newspaper every night), and does your own living room re-create the same setting? It’s an important observation because it demonstrates one of the key principles in this book: the position of that chair set off in the corner put a screaming distance” between your father and the rest of the family. But equally important, it leads you to ask the question: “Am I doing things in my own home because that’s how they were done when I was growing up?” A family pattern, like history, has a habit of repeating itself, regardless of how uncomfortable, or impractical, it may be.

Today, you get to make your own choices. The dictates of fashion have been overthrown. Of course, there will always be the look” of the moment – retro modern, country cluttered, shabby chic – but the principles of good design are timeless. And the desire for comfort and practicality is paramount.